Dynamics Conditioning
Pre-Season Training Off-Ice with Carlo Sferra & Dynamics Conditioning
Grounded in more than 20 years of working with hockey players on and off the ice, Hockey Dynamics & Dynamics Conditioning is offering its most comprehensive pre-season program yet. Weekly programs are designed to make sure you are ready for the hockey season:
  • Hockey-specific skating strength, power and speed development
  • Body contact stability
  • Explosive first & second step starting power
  • Multidirectional skating quickness
  • Bio-energy system training ... and more.
For more information and a schedule of sessions, go to High Performance Off-Ice Training

Why work with a trainer?
There are lots of reasons to work with a trainer: a trainer provides guidance; working with a trainer can lower your risk of injury; and, working with a trainer saves time. BUT …

Why work with a Dynamics Sports Conditioning trainer?
Because you aren’t going to find the level of personalization and diversity like this anywhere else. Dynamics Conditioning programs are designed to challenge and excite you, ensuring results. Programs are designed specifically for you – your needs, your goals.

To get started, email info@DynamicsConditioning.ca or call 604-803-1312. To find out about other personal training options, go to Training & Fitness.
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